Shaw-nae Dixon is a native of the great New York City’s Staten Island borough. She is growing her brand during the new generations Renaissance era.

State Island is seeing so much new success and she is definitely paving the way as a great self-taught chef and trailblazer for the Staten Island community.



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Jan 19


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An Amazing Chef...

Yes! To know her is to love her; however, to know her grind gives elevated significance to each signature dish she prepares. Today we will attempt to unravel the unapologetic passion that compliments SayGrace God given gift.

Shaw-nae is a wife and mother of six children. Her blended and loving family support her endeavors to become the best kept celebrity chef in the country. Shaw-nae discovered her love of food at the tender age of ten while attending her maternal grandmother’s cooking class for children in their historical church.

Shaw-nae is very tied to her heritage and knows the importance of family and ancestry. She celebrates herself being an eighth generation freed black whose ancestors settled in the community.